Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday already?

I've been a bit of a rubbish blogger recently. There seems to have been so much going on around here, it's taken me far longer to get back into a proper routine this term than it ever has before. I don't know what it is this time, I've literally been working from one day to the next. Still, everything's finally back on song, the routine is set, my diary is up to date, the Macmillan coffee morning went really well and I can relax and start to enjoy everything again. I've been back to the spinning guild a couple of times this summer and am really enjoying it all. I managed to squeeze in a visit to Winghams on my way home from Manchester so now I have a beautiful new wheel that is occupying much of my knitting time - I've given myself back ache on more than one occasion from sitting at it far too long.I did manage to finish a few of my projects this summer and I've tried to be good about not casting on any more but having visited the Woolcabin this week, I've got the next big knit lined up. I've been knitting for everyone else all year and I'm determined to make myself some new cardigans for this winter. So anyhow, in now particular order here's a couple of finished items.
Another cardigan for my sister, this time it's the Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus. The cardigan looks great but it's one of those patterns that's a bit more of a recipe rather than fully finished. I had to really faff around with it to make it work as typically, I didn't use the yarn suggested! This pictures of it in it's final stages, I didn't actually get a finished one as I left it with her to find her own buttons.
A Crochet Flower Hot Pad - I just had to make one of these to see how it worked. It used about half a ball of the Lidl cotton DK I picked up a while ago. It's almost too nice to stand your pans on.
Finally, here's another cute little project for the mighty midget A scrap cardigan (rav link). He chose the pattern and the colours, I added the hood and can you believe it, now he won't wear it! Little rotter, I won't be knitting him another one for a while, I'm going to make something for someone who appreciates it, ie me!