Sunday, 14 April 2013

Long time no blogging...

Ok, I knew it was a while since I last blogged but a year? Wow!  This time last year I was moving house and I guess it took me longer to get settled and organised that I realised!

So why start again? I bumped into a friend at work the other day and we got talking about blogging and it made me think about why I started in the first place.  It's not like I actually need another thing to add to my crafty repetoire or anything but, I always used to enjoy sharing and documenting my projects.  I have made so many things over the years and just given them away without a thought other than the pleasure of the giving. Now I know that that is probably one of the best reasons to actually make things but it would have been nice to have kept some pictures of them at the very least.  So anyway, am I going to become a regular blogger?  Hopefully.  Well, more than once year anyhow!