Saturday, 31 March 2007

Spring Cleaning.

Ok, now that I've finished my first Forest Canopy I have decided it's time to have a bash at my stash and have a bit of a clear out. Locate all those half finished projects and actually make an attempt to get some of them finished. I have a feeling I'm going to end up scaring myself silly at the pile of stuff but it has to be done! So coming soon to blog near you .... The Project Amnesty.

Denise's... to buy or not to buy?

I have come to the conclusion of late that I need more needles. Well, circular needles anyhow as I have piles of the regular sort. The question is, can I justify buying a complete set of Denises? At £30 a pop it's a big investment. I can see the benefit of being able to lengthen and shorten your cable but I'm not sure that I will actually make use of all of the sizes in it. Also they don't actually go down small enough to knit socks on (I do like my DPN's anyhow and have just received a teeny weeny pair from AY anyhow). Hmm, I shall have to have a think about it some more and in the meantime hope that the cable doesn't actually finally snap on the one that I'm currently using.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Inaugural Post

Well I guess I should probably write something profound seeing as this is the opening post in my shiny new blog ..... but I can't think of one! Oops.
I've never been much of a reliable diary keeper but as knitting (and crafts in general) have played such a big part in my life over the years I thought it was about time I started to keep some sort of a record. So this is it, the trials and tribulations of my life in knitting. Things I have tried, things I'd like to try and probably some random muttering along the way.