Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Inaugural Post

Well I guess I should probably write something profound seeing as this is the opening post in my shiny new blog ..... but I can't think of one! Oops.
I've never been much of a reliable diary keeper but as knitting (and crafts in general) have played such a big part in my life over the years I thought it was about time I started to keep some sort of a record. So this is it, the trials and tribulations of my life in knitting. Things I have tried, things I'd like to try and probably some random muttering along the way.


sebskins said...

welcome to the blog world :) I have just set up my own blog too and I find I ramble on about my cat, my knitting and anything in general!!! I'm sure you'll be posting new things everyday :)

Bearium said...

lol, well I don't know about every day but I am thinking of lots of things to ramble on about.