Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A finish! Freedom Spirit Chevron Jacket

I'm back and I have a finish to show you. Actually I have a few but I'll post them later when I have better pictures. So where have I been? Manchester again to see my sister. It was half term and so we jumped in the car and disappeared for a lovely few days. I forgot to post on the blog before I disappeared. Oops. Had this jacket been in the smaller size, I might not have got it back as Hazel loved it. In fact, she'd quite like one of her own! I think I might have to track down some washing machine friendly yarn and make her one.

So back to the pattern - I loved it! Can you tell? I have actually deigned to be in one of the pictures of my finished projects, I'm usually the one behind the camera. The yarn is superb to knit and the design shows off the patterning within the yarn perfectly. Although I checked my tension before knitting, I have used more yarn than the stated amounts in the pattern. About 1.5 balls extra in the end. I also made the collar shorter by about two inches but I think it is more than long enough as it is. I made the medium but as the sizing seems pretty generous, I think I could possibly have got away with the smaller size. It does make me look a bit like a chunky monkey but as I love both the colour and the pattern, I really don't care.

Will I knit it again? Almost definately.


Kazza said...

It looks fab!! I had to go shorter on the collar too because I ran out of yarn. Mine is getting its first outing in public tomorrow!

Kai said...

It's stunning and really suits you! :)