Thursday, 5 March 2009

Love to swap

I swore I wasn't going to take part in any more swaps for a while but they're just such fun, I couldn't resist one more. So a little while ago I joined the UK Spinners Swap 3. There were pretty strict limits on the swap. In total, we were only to send 200g of fibre and a small non fibre gift. 50g of fibre was to be spun by me and the remaining 50g was to be sent to my partner along with piece I'd already spun, the other 100g fibre and the gift. We were all matched up into pairs - I was with Gina (aka Norfolkknitter on Rav).
We both had a bit of a chat, did a bit of stalking and then got spinning. For Gina, I chose some Falkland which I dyed into various shades of green and then span my half. I know I'm still a relatively new spinner but I was pretty pleased with the way it came out - it still amazes me every time you spin something how the colours change from the fibre to the finished yarn. I realised I forgot to take pictures of the rest of her goodies but I found some very pretty BFL fibre called "Out in the Sticks" from Wonderfulwool on Folksy. It seemed really appropriate seeing as we both do live out in the sticks. Then I made a set of beaded stitch markers and an orifice hook for her soon to arrive spinning wheel and then some sweeties which I suspect she had to share with her little girl. I really enjoyed putting it all together but it is definately so much easier when the limits of the swap are so specific.

So, what did I get in return? Some lovely Shetland from The YarnYard. It's really soft and in the most beautiful heathery tones.
Some very cute chicken buttons. I think I'm going to have to make something just so I can use them. They're great.
yarn 092
and finally, here's what Gina chose as my 50/50. It's Halo superwash from the Natural Dye Studio. I've bought various yarns from the NDS and they've all been great - Amanda does fab colours. Gina's spun this up really nicely to about a DK weight and then Navajo plied it to keep distinct colour bands. I've never n-plied before so there's a challenge for me - I just hope I manage to match it or a close to it as I can.
yarn 240
There was a bar of Green and Blacks chocolate tucked in the parcel too which of course didn't last too long although I have tried to ration it a little. All in all, a great swap. I've really enjoyed this one, thanks again Gina.

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