Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fibre for the shop

I'm still doing battle with my internet connection but am persevering anyway. So here's a little taster of todays update - some fibre for the shop at last. It's all Falkland and Corriedale which remain some of my favourite fibres for for spinning. I'm trying to be good and resist pinching fibre from the shop to add to my stash but have to admit I have already have taken and spun some of the lime and blue on Merino. Oops.
Socks yarns to follow shortly although I really need to do some more dyeing too. I've some more of the Merino/Tencel and Merino superwash sock yarns and also some fabulous BFL laceweight. I've already test dyed a couple but have some more for the shop too and a question for you all.... Are you a Fibreholic?

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