Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fibreholics spoilers

I finally collected all the cameras and phones today, scrabbled round and found some cables and hey presto, we have photos to share again.  So here's my contribution to the latest round of Fibreholics.  Can you believe it, the round went live on Sunday morning and sold out within 7 hours!  The parcels are all beginning to arrive now so its hardly a spoiler but hey shrugs.
So, at the top we have BFL tops dyed in 'SkyBlue Pink' and here's the yarn content, 'Rhubarb Fool' on BFL sock yarn.  I've got one of each to add to the shop in the next update.  Actually, my dyeing mojo has been a bit m.i.a. for the last few weeks but dyeing the fibre again for this round has really given me a boost.  I still have plenty more fibre to get dyed and a couple of new blends too but have some great ideas for colours.  I've been updating the shop a bit today but still have a huge pile of stuff to get online including some new laceweights that so far, only the local crew have had their hands on.

2 comments: said...

sweet im hoping to join in

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

gorgeous colours, as ever