Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gilet Assymetrique pt 1

Well, the knitting is done. Actually it has been for some months. Yes, it's my troublesome french cardigan, the Gilet Assymetrique.
It's a little further along than these pictures show.  The assembly of the piece is now done, I've knitted on the button bands all it should require is the purchase of the buttons.  However, months later I'm procrastinating.  Still.
I should have been wearing this months ago but I have to admit I'm struggling a little with the pocket.  Mostly to be honest I'm putting off the inevitable.  All that remains now is for me to undo the provisional cast on and catch the stitches down and hey presto, finished cardigan.  So simple you'd think?


scarletti said...

Keep going, you're almost there. Give yourself a deal, one stitch or row of this project = one stitch or row of a new project (or my trusty failsafe 1 row = 1 haribo; and then when things are truly touhg, one stitch = one haribo)

scarletti said...

Sorry: 'tough', not the gobblediegook I typed!