Friday, 14 December 2007

A BSJ at last

So here's the first of my Christmas knits. I have finally managed to get my grubby little mitts on a copy of the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. A few months ago a lady, who I've never met again, brought a couple of these along to our Stitch and Bitch meeting. One already stitched up and another unfinished to show how it was constructed. It's such a simple idea to make a cardigan completely in one piece and so completely unlike anything I'd seen before that I was hooked.
It was my first ever introduction to EZ and I've been trying to get hold of the pattern ever since. I've got a couple of her books now but I've never managed to get hold of the Opinionated Knitter, even my library (my favourite source of knitting books) was unable to get it. I have found a couple of sources in the US but the price of getting it shipped just made it unworkable. So you can imagine my delight the other week when I discovered that KnitnCaboodle are now stocking it and two days later the pattern was in my hand.
I have to say it was all I could do not to cast it on there and then but I was in mid bag making swing so I couldn't. As soon as the craft weekend was out of the way though I dived straight into my stash to find something suitable and cast straight on. This is actually the second version as I cast it on initially in blue but it just wasn't working for some reason and after all my excitement, it was becoming a chore to knit. So a change of needles later and a new ball of yarn and the rest is history. Dexter's BSJ is growing and growing, this picture is from a couple of days ago, I'm already past the first mitred corners and I'm increasing again. It's actually almost starting to look like a cardigan now. If it keeps growing like this, it might even be finished by the start of next week.


Kai said...

It's beautiful! Can I ask what yarn you're using?

Lindsey said...

Ooh, very nice! I have yet to try this pattern, too, but it definitely looks like a fun knit, and I know some expecting parents, so I should probably start tracking the book down, huh? :-)