Saturday, 15 December 2007

Something to make you smile

I dug out all the Christmas decorations this morning and look what I found lurking in the bottom of the box - some of last years knitting, aren't they cute?
Well in an ugly sort of a way :D They are of course some of the Alan Dart Christmas gnomes. The pattern was originally published in Simply Knitting's 2005 Christmas supplement but I managed to get hold of it when they reprinted it last year. I wish I had time to knit more of them this year as they'd make fab presents.

They're a great way of using up odds and ends as they don't take a great deal of yarn to knit although, knitting with the eyelash for the beard was a bit of an eye opener as I'd never used it before. It definately has it's place in the scheme of things but I couldn't contemplate knitting a whole garment in it, it'd be a nightmare!

for Kai: I'm using Sirdar Bonus DK for the BSJ with various odds and ends from my "tail ends" bag for the stripes. The DK isn't as dark as the picture shows and has three different shades of brown plyed together, it's rather nice actually and I don't usually like brown :)


Kai said...

The gnomes are so cute!!! :)

Thanks for the info on the BSJ, I love the browns in it!

YarnSnob said...

they are cute, ugly but in a cute way. I need to stuff mine lol

Ela said...

Gnomes by you are soo cute! They turned out excellent! I knitted some of them last winter too and what can I say, I LOVE all of them. Patterns by Alan Dart are perfect always. In the season I knitted Santa's Little Helpers from pattern by Alan Dart, of course ;o)
Happy New Year 2008!