Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

Sometimes the simplest titles are the best aren't they? I think I've been in a bit of a post Christmas slump but now I'm back and hopefully firing on all cylinders again for the New Year. I've dropped in and out of my usual online haunts a few times but not actually got much done. I have a lot of bloglines to catch up on - I have a feeling it might take a while to get around to reading everyone's posts.

The build up to this years celebrations have been the most stressful in the last few years by a long way and to be honest, I'm glad it's all over and we can get back to some sense of normality. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and the whole giving presents thing but this year has been so hectic. It's also the first year that the Mighty Midget has really hooked into the whole spirit of Christmas, well the commercial side of it anyway. I guess it's the age thing - he's four and a half and has been so excited about everything. In fact, he's been hyperactive since the middle of December. He's beginning to calm down now thank goodness (the sugar and sweets are beginning to run out too) although he has been spoilt completely rotten as per usual.

Actually, this year is going to be all about change for both the MM and I. It's finally come around, my little man is about to start school. The uniform is all here, unfortunately it all needs ironing and labelling but once that's done, he's going to look so cute - and so grown up! So what about me? Well, it's time for me to start earning a living again and it's also make or break time for me to get my ass into gear and actually get my application in for the GTP (Graduate Teacher Training Programme). I've been talking about doing it for so long now but realisitically, unless I apply by the end of January, I'm unlikely to get a place for next September. I've got to stop making excuses and just get it done.

So how about a picture to lighten things up a little? Well, the Craft Fayre didn't turn out to be a complete waste of time, I ended up selling a couple more bags just before Christmas and this was one that I was particularly pleased with. Bags are made to be used so I hope that the recipient loved it as much as I did. I'd quite like to have kept this one for myself!

One thing I must remember for next year is to start my Christmas knits much earlier as I didn't get nearly as many made as I'd intended. Actually, I only managed two! One pair of Pirate Mittens for the MM and a BSJ for my friends baby. If I'm honest, the BSJ isn't quite finished as it needs buttons but I haven't caught up with my friend yet this hoilday. Definately a priority for the New Year. I also got knitting presents this year for the first time and they're superb. I'm going to save them for another post now though as this one's turned out to be a little bit epic.

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Kai said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!

Love the BSJ, it's beautiful.