Thursday, 3 January 2008

A quick finish? Well almost.

I thought I'd be clever and share a quickie FO with you all but I can't for the life of me take a decent picture of it. There's something about the red that makes all the lights flare off it. It'll have to wait for better daylight but with the weather we've got currently, I'm not entirely sure when that'll be :s Anyhow, I made mittens. Aran ones.

Actually, if I'm completely honest, I found a UFO when I was tidying up yesterday and as it was an almost finished pair of mittens and we have the perfect weather for wearing them, I thought I'd finish them off. So it is a bit of a cheat to gloat about them but hey, that's one less project on the needles so it has to be a good thing doesn't it?

Ooh and the last of my Christmas presents arrived this morning. I got knitting books! Whoohoo, can you tell I'm excited? I need to take more pictures so I'll be back with them later.

1 comment:

Kai said...

it definitely seems to be the season for mitts!! :)
can't wait to see them and the new books that you got..