Wednesday, 16 January 2008

No yarn+ saving=spinning wheel?

I want a wheel and I'm going to stamp my foot and sulk until I get one! Well, maybe not as I doubt it'll get me anywhere. Grr, it's no use, I'm just going to have to save up. Bah! So that's me on a yarn diet - it's a good job I've made the most of it in the last couple of weeks then. Actually, I've been pretty good, I've only bought one or two bits in the sales but it's so hard to resist when you see a bargain. Nevermind whether you need it or not - a bargain is a bargain!

Ok I admit it, I have a yarn habit and the thought of not being able to feed my habit is a little daunting but I really want that spinning wheel. Not that I can actually use one yet you have to understand but I really really want one. So I'd better share the last of my newly acquired stash purchases before I go into withdrawal.

Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. This is my first DB purchase and tbh, I think it's usually far too pricey but this is amazingly soft and strokeable and incredibly cheap at £2.50 a skein. I was restrained and only picked up 3 which should be enough for a small shawl, maybe even another Forest Canopy.4 balls of Patons Misty for a North Roe Shawl. Yes it is black and no I'm not completely crazy, my cousin is a bit of a goth (actually that's a huge understatement, she's a mega goth!) and needs a new shawl.The last of the stash is another ball of Opal sock yarn. Crap colour but mega bargain and I can over-dye it to something more useable.This last thing is not really stash but a pattern to help me use some stash - my Fibertrends clog pattern. I've been preparing skeins for the dye pot this afternoon so I should be able to have a go at my first pair this weekend. Yay. Even bigger yay, the child's size pattern goes up to a 9" foot so I'm hoping I might even be able to squeeze a pair out for even my mega big feet. Oh and today I made myself something to make my life easier, a niddy noddy. Why oh why didn't I get one earlier, it's so quick to wind up yarn with! No more backache from prepping my yarn to dye, fabulous.


YarnSnob said...

i hope you get your spinning wheel, as i wouln't mind one too but refuse to go on yarn diet lol

Cinders said...

Hope you get your spinning wheel. I'm on a yarn diet too at the mo.