Wednesday, 2 January 2008

the one where I ran out of wool

It was all going so well, the MM picked the colours, I picked the pattern. Changed my mind, re-wrote it. Mum said, I'll knit it if you want, I said ok. Mum started, got sidetracked by a new aran cardi in a fab raspberry colour and I ended up knitting it anyway.

Mum had done the back and part of the first sleeve so I picked up where she left off. Knocked off the sleeves quick smart and zoomed through the two fronts. The ball was starting to look a bit on the small side so I started to knit both at the same time from either end of the ball. I love knitting kids cardi's in DK. They grow so quickly, you can easily knock one out in a week.

Anyhow, I digress. The ball got smaller and smaller then to my horror, about an inch from the tops, ran out! The ball band was of course missing by now but I drove down to my LYS in the vain hope that they'd still have the same shade. Which, of course, they didn't. Nevermind, it's blue thinks I, I'll pick up a close match and stripe in in or something. Of course when I got home and took another look at it, the shade was so completely off that I put it down and haven't looked at it since.

Well, until yesterday. I have a school jumper to knit up so I thought I should probably take a look at this before casting on (yet) another project. I am trying to reduce the number of WIP's again. So I dragged it out from under all the Christmas debris. "You know", I thought to myself, "those fronts look rather big....." and that's where i got out the tape measure again. At some point between doing the sleeves and starting the fronts my tension changed. Overnight literally. Whether it was the speed I was knitting at or the other projects I was doing at the same time, who knows. It's not out by much probably about half stitch per inch but the two fronts together measure a good 2 inches more than the back. 2 inches!!

So there's good new and bads news. I will obviously have to frog both fronts (grrr) but I may now have enough of the original yarn left to complete the cardigan. Yay!

Anyhow, I cast on for the school jumper instead. Fickle, me? lol


Kai said...

great news on finding out you might have enough yarn! shame about having to rip out the fronts though... :)

Soo said...

Wow - freaky tension stuff!! I'm glad the wool issue appears to be solved anyway.