Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It's a mystery

Having not completed last year's mystery shawl you might think it's a bit strange that I've signed up for another. This time around it's the Goddess Knits shawl and it's going to be a bit of a challenge. It's a Pi shawl, so not only will it be my first attempt at a circular shawl, it means getting to grip with laceweight. I hate to be beaten by anything and it was hard to admit last year that I was never going to finish the swan lake stole. Largely I put it down to my dislike of the yarn (jojoland Harmony) once I started knitting it. Well, less the yarn and more the colour I was using, it was a bit insipid. So remembering that I had a skein of screaming red lane bogosesia stashed away I decided to give it another whirl. I did a swatch and settled on 3mm needles and here we are with Clue 1 completed. (I opted for Chart A for those in the know) You can see from the number of stitch markers, I wasn't brave enough to just knit.

Now I'm part way through Clue 2, I'm becoming a bit braver and have reduced the number a bit. However, I'm beginning to wonder whether I should have used a smaller sized needles after all? I know lace is supposed to have holes but I really have holes! Arrgh. I think maybe I'm just a little too far out of my comfort zone.


Viknits said...

I love the bright red! It looks beautiful already, I'll be watching how you progress, as I hope to do a circular shawl sometime fairly soon!

I scrolled down to see your sunday surfing where you went from blog to blog - what a great idea! I would say if you can save up for woolfest, it's more worth it than the knitting and stitching show as it has this real hippy/arty/traditional atmosphere which I didn't feel at harrogate.

Also I need to add that I LOVE the clear converse for showing off handknit socks! What a cool idea! I might ask OH for some for my bday if they ship to the UK (ok it's 5 months away but y'know!).

Vikki xx

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

great colour! why do shawls have to be pale colours all the time? I loved your sunday surfing so I'm going to have a go too. You're first!

Eunice said...

Brave you, taking on such a fabulous project. As a novice knitter I can only gasp in admiration...
I'll have to master my spinning wheel so that you'll having some other yarns to play with on your trip - or perhaps leave it all to you??!!