Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Revenge of the mystery shawl

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also known as the mystery shawl strikes back.

Yes, it's started already and the mistakes are beginning to flow. I thought I was doing so well. I whistled through Clue 2 and decided to crack straight on with Clue 3 only to get to the end of the first row and discover I was short by a couple of stitches.

Everything was fine before the increase row and as my enthusiasm hadn't waned at this point I gamely frogged back a couple of rows. I noticed that I'd missed a couple of yarn overs so put them back in and finished the row. Decided it was probably a good idea to put all the stitch markers back in during the following knit row and guess what? I have too many stitches now! Argggghh.

It's been sat like that since last Friday. They published Clue 4 last Saturday. I'm really slipping behind :(

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Kate said...

Oh, that is so freaky. I clicked on your blog and though it was my shawl haunting me. :-P

I frogged at the beginning of clue 3, too. I think it's the transition from having a fairly comfortable number of stitches to scary lace knitting that does it. But don't worry about being behind. I'm still on clue 3 and am not planning on knitting any more for a while. As long as I collect all the clues, it'll be done eventually. :-)