Thursday, 29 January 2009

Australia in pictures

My creation
Originally uploaded by Bearium

Well the title really says it all. I never did manage to take a good picture of the rain but one of the other really memorable things was the wildlife. It wasn't until we started going through our pictures when we got back that we realised quite how many we'd taken.


Annette said...

Good to see you back, Lucy! Pleased the flight was better than you expected and it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the rain.
Great wildlife photos, although I'd probably run away rather than stop long enough to photograph that beetle!!

scarletti said...

Wow great mosaic. It's so green and truly exotic. This is so much more true to how I want to see Australia in my mind. Thaks for contrasting the usual depiction of yellow sand and yellow sun and yellow sunblock. Thank for sharing your adventures for my less travelled self.