Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wow, what a mad few weeks it's been. I joined the PTA at the school a while back and we've been working hard to get things organised for the school fete last weekend. It was discovered that I'm one of the "arty" ones, and so I volunteered with my friend Marian to produce a set of picture boards and signs for most of the stalls. Hence the lack of knitting progress recently and also the lack of blogging updates. Here she is putting the finishing touches to the varnish on our boards. I've actually really enjoyed it all and although I was shattered after the weekend, I've rediscovered my love of painting so I shall definately be doing more. Probably on a bit of a smaller scale than these ones. Fun though aren't they? So anyway, from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous, we are now in the midst of a swine flu outbreak. It seems that the mighty midget's school is the local hotspot and so now half of his class are being treated for it including him. It's so rampant through the populous, that they're not even testing anymore, they're just handed out the antivirus like sweets. I have to see the funny side of it though as we ended up seeing the doctor in the car park in the rain as they didn't want the MM in the building. Anybody'd think he was contagious or something?!

Our doctor's lovely and was really apologetic about the whole thing as he handed out the prescription and government gumph. At least we didn't get another one of those leaflets with the revolting sneezing man on the front of it. So that's it then, he's off school for the next few days and to be honest, he's getting bored already. By the end of the week I think I'm going to be a complete basket case. Well, that's assuming I don't have it too by then :s

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

love the boards that you've done for the school fair. Hope your wee man is safe from the bug.