Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Counting down the days

and I'm busy trying to get enough things finished to fill my stall. Two weeks to go and counting! It's a little daunting to say the least as although I've always knitted gifts for friends and family, I've never actually put myself out there as it were and offered them for sale. Here's the results of last weeks dye fest dry and ready to be wound. It's mostly semi solid colours for felting with and I'm pretty pleased with the result so far. I've been playing around with some Ashford dyes and trying to be good about keeping records. I tend to be fairly intuitive about the colours combinations I use but if I want to be able to repeat any of the batches, I need to be a bit more controlled about it.

I've got a few bags drying and plenty more to knit up too. I'm looking forward to mum getting back from Manchester tomorrow night so I can put her to work. Not that I won't just be pleased to see her of course! Well that and the fact she's found me a big pack of sock wool to dye as well. Yay.


Kai said...

oh my, what pretty colours! :)

YarnSnob said...

lovely dyeing:)