Friday, 23 May 2008


Yes it really is that time of year again, it's half term already. Now that the mighty midget is in school we are discouraged from taking holidays turning term term so we have to pay extra and go during the designated break. I can understand the school's point of view but it does get annoying when you're stung up by the holiday companies! So anyhow, we're heading off tomorrow on what has now become our annual pilgrimage to Northumbria. It's a beautiful part of england (so long as the nice weather holds out) and we've already been planning various things to do this year and of course, we get to spend time with Granny which is great. The cottage is booked, the washing is all done, there's just the small matter of packing once I've finished cleaning the house. sigh

So back to the rest of this weeks' news. Thanks for all the well wishes, the sickness bug is well and truly over and luckily (for everyone else) I was the only one who got it. I've also been on my secret knitting assignment this week. Getting paid for sitting on my bum knitting, who'd have thought it? It definately had one or two surreal moments but it's done now and you'll all know more about it over the next few weeks.

Now that's out of the way though, it's back to the serious business of preparing for the fayre. The holiday has really come at just the wrong moment in some ways but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in lots of knitting time. I think my knitting bag for the week is going to be on the large side as I'm going to have to get a few bags knitted a prepped for felting on our return. Mum's offered to knit up a couple of patterns for me too (isn't she a star!) so hopefully I'll have a couple of shawls to add to the display too. One good thing about the stall is that I can use it to test knit a couple of patterns I've been working on.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my current projects - a horseshoe lace stole.I can't fully take the credit for this pattern though as I got the idea from Jacqui and the lace pattern came from Heirloom Knitting. I knew that book was great but it wasn't until I started trying to write a shawl pattern myself that I realised what a wonderful resource it is. If you don't own it already, it's definately a keeper!


Eunice said...

Forget the housework - have a great holiday and knit, knit, knit...

Karen said...

Have a nice time on holiday. Oh and your shawl looks great- lovely colours.