Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Spring has sprung ..... at last

Fatal last words? I surely hope not, the weather has finally turned for the better. Blue skies all round and the garden is beginning to look glorious. The first flush of spring flowers are over and the apple is in full bloom. Here's hoping for a good fruit year to come. Anyhow, I really do sound like a little ray of sunshine this morning, it's amazing what a few sunny days will do. So other than me gushing about the sunshine, what else is happening in sunny Frating?

We have yarn, and no this time it wasn't me doing the buying. I've actually scored some knitting related worked work and this little bag of goodies pitched up on my door step on Saturday morning. There's far more than I need for the actual job but I'm sure I can put the rest of it to good use and it certainly full fills my need to squish yarn occasionally. I'm really impressed with the Stylecraft Life yarn that was included. For a budget yarn, it's incredibly soft. I've used Stylecraft 100% acrylic before and it's pretty good but the addition of the wool has certainly made a big difference. I can see me buying some more of this for myself.

Back on the knitting front, progress on the socks has ground to a halt for a few days. Being a fair weather gardener really means that as soon as it's warm and dry enough, I'm outside especially as I've some serious catching up to do with the planting this year. Not only that, I got side tracked with the entrelac. I've decided it's my new favourite type of knitting (until the next thing catches my eye). The practice square got finished in no time at all along with a couple of mini squares to add to the Colchester SnB mystery leaving present. I don't think the recipient actually reads this but I hadn't better give too much away just yet. Thanks everyone for the comments about what to do with the entrelac, I agree it'll make fantastic cushions. I keep thinking what an eye catching bag it'll make too so I might have to give that a bit of thought too.

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