Wednesday, 1 April 2009

An award and some trivia

My blogging mojo has been m.i.a. recently so although I've sat down a few times to write an update, it's not got much further than a draft. Anyhow, here I am again. I'm still snuffling away with my spring cold but at least I feel like writing now. Thanks to all those who take the time to comment when they drop by, I really appreciate it so I'd like to share my recent blog award with you all. Suse has nominated me for an Honest Scrap award and in return I'm to pick 7 blogs that make me happy and nominate them in turn by posting on their blogs. Finally, to list at least 10 honest things about myself.

So here goes, ten or more trivial things about me:

1. My sister and I are exactly the same height but she looks taller as she's slimmer.
2. When I got made redundant, I spent the whole of my payout and more on a trip around the world. I had an absolute blast and met some fantastic people and wish I'd been able to travel for longer.
3. I love being outside on cold winter days so long as it's not raining.
4. My mum started me doing patchwork in my teens to stop me biting my nails in front of the tv. The patchwork grew so much, it now covers a double bed. I still haven't finished doing the final quilting part 15+ years later although I use it anyway.
5. I can cover a double bed with yarn and that doesn't include the shop stock.
6. If I have a good book to read, I can lose a whole day and it's the only time when I still bite my nails.
7. I have really low blood pressure and if I skip meals, I get migraines.
8. I talk with my hands, just like my mum and sister and I've noticed recently, I've passed it onto my son.
9. I also have never seen the whole of Titanic. Five minutes of the "happy Irish doing a jig" was more than enough.
10. I've surprised myself the last few years in that I've really enjoyed being a stay at home mum and now I keep finding excuses to put off going back to work.

Right onto the nominations and I've a bit of a confession, I've actually not been great at reading everyone else's blogs recently as I've been so wrapped up in everything going on here. I think since I started using Ravelry so much, I tend to just read the headlines rather than actually going and checking out people's individual blogs. As much as I love Ravelry, it can definately make you lazy.

So anyway, here's a few blogs that I go back to time and again and one or two new ones:
Cinders muses about... Ruth has so much to deal with health wise but she soldiers on.
knitpurldrop Paige is a transplant American in Colchester, it's great to see her enthusiasm for all things English as she crams as much of the UK into her trip before she heads back to the US to finish her studes.
Laughing Mouse I'm looking forward to seeing how Scarletti is getting on after her move. She's struck out on her own with her kids which is incredibly brave.
Babylonglegs - Sarah is an incredible dyer and it's hard not to keep buying her fibre when I have more than enough of my own already.
I saw her STRANDing there, Megan spins, dyes, knits, crochets and is far more organised than me.
Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy. Kate's a fearless knitter, designer and publisher.
and finally another Lucy from Attic 24 who's blog I found after a knitting friend's recommendation, her blog's so bright an colourful.

Thanks everyone and keep on blogging :D


BabyLongLegs said...

Awwh......thankyou Lucy for the nomination. You are a sweetheart :)
My mum used to paint my nails with some stuff sold specifically for the job, but it didn't work, as I liked the taste!

Take care
S xXx

Cinders said...

Thank you for the nomination.
I have to tell you you're not missing anything having never watched the whole of Titanic. How it was ptaised and lauded beats me its lame

scarletti said...

Thank you so much for your nomination and your thoughtful words. what a lovely treat to get back online to.