Friday, 21 September 2007

I have finally forgiven my postman, he has started bringing me nice mail at last.
Wednesday was a very good sock day, not only did my addi turbos arrive at last, my LYS was selling off their Sirdar Town & country sock yarn for £1.25 a ball! I was good - I only bought 3 balls but now there's no excuse not to start my Bayerische now. I have spare needles at last and some nice new green yarn to do it in. All I have to do is fight my way through a sea of amigurumi, all two of them so far. I must have one completed before tomorrow though. It looks like my gran has taken a shine to my little bear friend so I think I might be making her one before the weekend is over as well.

Then today, my postman has brought me a parcel of fab shetland yarn in some great blue shades ready for starting my christmas mittens. 500g of it - that's a lot of mittens! I am rolling in yarn. Yay :)


YarnSnob said...

wish my postie would bring me yarn everyday!!! wouldn't that be lovely!! Great yarns btw

Lindsey said...

Mmmm....yummy yarn. My squishy packages tend to come all in the same week, too. I've had 2 lots of sock yarn this week and one more should be here any day now. Such fun!! :-)

Kai said...

I want your postie!!! :)

Gorgeous yarn.