Thursday, 6 September 2007

Magic loop needles?

Am thinking of adding to some new needles to my collection as I really enjoyed magic looping the fair isle swatch. Anyhow, I need better needles - the cable is far too inflexible on my pony needles but they're all I can get locally. So, I'm thinking I will probably try some addi turbos but what length of needles to buy is the question?
I'll probably just being using them for socks or small diameter knitting so, is 80cm (32" for those of you across the pond) long enough? In which case I can actually get some knit picks instead as Get Knitted have started stocking them.

So for all you magic loopers out there, what do you use?


Laura said...

Hey :) I use 32" the majority of the time, if you are thinking possibly hats or sleeves, I would even go one size larger, for the extra "play" so the stitches don't get jumbled.

Lindsey said...

Yup, I use the 80/32 KP circ for my Magic Loop, too. It's plenty big for socks!