Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Breaking out the sewing machine

There's not much knitting content today I'm afraid as it's time the get out the sewing machine. The mighty midget is growing again, I'm not sure he ever really stops to be honest, but this time it's the pyjama's that are about to bite the dust. So I've raided my material stash for something suitable and have come up with various checks and ginghams and a rather dated but actually very practical pattern.

I'm sure it's probably been noted before but I am an almost pathological hoarder. I have a giant built in wardrobe in my bedroom and barely have room in it for my clothes there's so much stuff in there - and it still overflows onto the floor. How I'm ever going to use it all, I have absolutely no idea. At least these days, I'm not still acquiring fabric, that stash has actually been fairly static for a couple of years. Possibly due to the fact I don't actually like using our current sewing machine. We traded in a old Singer for a supposedly more "modern" Brother machine and it was definately a mistake. Still, you live and learn and to be fair, it does do what I need it to. I just don't like it.

Anyhow, I'm rambling back to the point, kind of. So I'm sewing again or will be once I get off here. Not only am I making pyjamas, but today I'm also looking at bag linings. I've actually a couple to get done, one for a new pattern I've written and one for the competition bag. Yes, the blogoversary bag is dry at last! Not much longer to wait now for the big reveal.

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Eunice said...

Hi Lucy - Don't sew tooooo many pj's for the MM,unless you REEEEALLLLLY want's taken care of.