Friday, 25 April 2008

This week I am mostly knitting .... socks

socks 010
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Well, besides handbags that is. I'm a sucker for a knitalong, I really am and when it's a sockalong, how can I say no? Not that it really side tracks me from my other projects as I almost always seem to have a pair on the go these days. At the moment I have two pairs OTN, a pair of Bayerische and another that have currently been nicknamed my sanity savers. A pretty straightforward pair (no pattern, no brainer) in Opal Rainforest Toucan.

The Bayerische socks have turned out to be fairly tricky to get into, perhaps it would have been easier if I'd actually stuck to the original pattern and just got on with it but of course, I had to do them toe up instead. Nothing like making life hard for myself or anything! Still, they're growing ... albeit slowly.

The problem now is that I'm itching to cast on for another pair of socks. I've bought Diane's Having Hope sock pattern the other week and can't wait to start it, especially as I already have a recipient or two lined up. The only downside is that they're men socks which means they have even bigger feet than me! lol.

With having two pairs of socks on the go, it seems a bit daft to start another but it's a great pattern and I got given some chocolate Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply that I think'd be perfect. Hmm must resist, actually unless I resort to the dreaded magic loop, I'm not sure I have a spare set of needles as I gave a set to my sister for her birthday. I'm trying to lure her to the dark side and get her to step up from knitting scarves to make socks.

Ooh, that's the washing machine calling, it could be that Cinder's bag is done. I'm off the check the felt. Back later :)


Kai said...

Cool socks! Your Bayerische is looking good. :)

I have Diane's pattern queued as well and I'm itching to cast on too... :)

Cinders said...

like the socks. I'm on the AY sockathon too!
ooh my bags nearly ready. How exciting

Anonymous said...

Love the socks! I need finish to my tank top before I cast on another pair. I've been itching to buy some more sock yarn though.