Saturday, 5 April 2008


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I've moved from stash busting to UFO demolition this week but I guess they amount to the same thing really. I'm not quite sure what's possessed me as I'm knitting like a demon at the moment. The nice thing about it though, is that I do actually seem to be getting quite a bit done.

I've entered a frog or finish phase and this jumper is heading for the finished pile. Funky stripes huh! The MM likes it which is a good job as it's intended for him. Luckily it's still going to fit as I started it sometime last summer! I've had to add a bit of length to both the body and the sleeves but there's plenty of width in it. I must have been pretty generous with the sizing when I cast it on.

On the sock front, I've taken a look at my Bayerische socks as I'd really like to get them finished. I did a bit more of it last night and have almost completed a whole pattern repeat. The trouble is, I don't like the toe on it. The more I looked at it yesterday, the more uncomfortable it looked so in the end I tried it on. Sure enough, it's not up to scratch.

It's a real shame as the cable pattern is just beginning to develop nicely. They're going to have to be frogged and restarted as there's no point in spending the time doing them only to not be able to wear them. I've either got the change the pattern and use a toe up cast on I'm more familiar with or knit them as Eunny originally intended, from the top down.


Kai said...

Yay to UFO busting! The sweater looks great. I can see why MM likes it.

Bayerische.. Hmm. I have the pattern ready for the sockalong, but I'm all jittery about it. Good luck with yours!

Cinders said...

I must also finish some UFO's! I like the jumper and the colours.