Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Breaking out the sewing machine

There's not much knitting content today I'm afraid as it's time the get out the sewing machine. The mighty midget is growing again, I'm not sure he ever really stops to be honest, but this time it's the pyjama's that are about to bite the dust. So I've raided my material stash for something suitable and have come up with various checks and ginghams and a rather dated but actually very practical pattern.

I'm sure it's probably been noted before but I am an almost pathological hoarder. I have a giant built in wardrobe in my bedroom and barely have room in it for my clothes there's so much stuff in there - and it still overflows onto the floor. How I'm ever going to use it all, I have absolutely no idea. At least these days, I'm not still acquiring fabric, that stash has actually been fairly static for a couple of years. Possibly due to the fact I don't actually like using our current sewing machine. We traded in a old Singer for a supposedly more "modern" Brother machine and it was definately a mistake. Still, you live and learn and to be fair, it does do what I need it to. I just don't like it.

Anyhow, I'm rambling back to the point, kind of. So I'm sewing again or will be once I get off here. Not only am I making pyjamas, but today I'm also looking at bag linings. I've actually a couple to get done, one for a new pattern I've written and one for the competition bag. Yes, the blogoversary bag is dry at last! Not much longer to wait now for the big reveal.

Friday, 25 April 2008

This week I am mostly knitting .... socks

socks 010
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Well, besides handbags that is. I'm a sucker for a knitalong, I really am and when it's a sockalong, how can I say no? Not that it really side tracks me from my other projects as I almost always seem to have a pair on the go these days. At the moment I have two pairs OTN, a pair of Bayerische and another that have currently been nicknamed my sanity savers. A pretty straightforward pair (no pattern, no brainer) in Opal Rainforest Toucan.

The Bayerische socks have turned out to be fairly tricky to get into, perhaps it would have been easier if I'd actually stuck to the original pattern and just got on with it but of course, I had to do them toe up instead. Nothing like making life hard for myself or anything! Still, they're growing ... albeit slowly.

The problem now is that I'm itching to cast on for another pair of socks. I've bought Diane's Having Hope sock pattern the other week and can't wait to start it, especially as I already have a recipient or two lined up. The only downside is that they're men socks which means they have even bigger feet than me! lol.

With having two pairs of socks on the go, it seems a bit daft to start another but it's a great pattern and I got given some chocolate Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply that I think'd be perfect. Hmm must resist, actually unless I resort to the dreaded magic loop, I'm not sure I have a spare set of needles as I gave a set to my sister for her birthday. I'm trying to lure her to the dark side and get her to step up from knitting scarves to make socks.

Ooh, that's the washing machine calling, it could be that Cinder's bag is done. I'm off the check the felt. Back later :)

Monday, 21 April 2008

sneaky peak

A quick peak at the blogoversary bag. (I really am going to have to come up with a better name than that!). It's taken me far longer to get going with it that I thought it would. It's been a new experience buying wool and then writing a pattern around it, usually I have the pattern in mind first and then source the wool.

Still, after a couple of false starts it's growing nicely. Not much to see so far in this picture and the colour combination is also much bluer than I expected it to be. I've been raiding the stash mountain though for a few extras to add to it and I've a feeling that's going to change.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

and the winner is.......

wow I'm a crap blogger sometimes, I said I'd be back Wednesday and it's Saturday already! Time really does fly. So anyhow, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the blogoversary bag is Cinders. Congratulations :D If you email me with an address, I'll pop it in the post once it's completed. I really hope you like it.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Well, it's as good a title as any. Sorry, am I having a funny five minutes? Probably, there've been a few of them lately especially as I after the battle I've had over the last few days with technology. My mobile phone hates me, well it refuses to spit out the photographs I've taken with it. My email account seems to have been hijacked by some noxious little w****r so I am now the queen of spam. 500 messages I deleted from my inbox yesterday, 500! Bah. I've contacted the site admin to try and get it fixed but it's looking like I may have to change my email address which'll be a right pain in the ass. Grrr.

Luckily the sun is shining, school has begun again and it's knitting night tonight. Yay. One of these days, I really must remember to take my camera along to SnB so I can show the lovely ladies of Colchester SnB who help preserve my sanity on a fortnightly basis. Anyhow, this is just a quickie, I'll be back with knitting updates tomorrow and also with the winner of the "blogoversary bag competition". If you'd like to win one of my knitted bags, just comment here. I'll be doing the draw in the morning.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Why I love self striping yarn.....

A picture really does tell a thousands words.The answer is of course, there are no ends to darn in!

Saturday, 5 April 2008


headz 002
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I've moved from stash busting to UFO demolition this week but I guess they amount to the same thing really. I'm not quite sure what's possessed me as I'm knitting like a demon at the moment. The nice thing about it though, is that I do actually seem to be getting quite a bit done.

I've entered a frog or finish phase and this jumper is heading for the finished pile. Funky stripes huh! The MM likes it which is a good job as it's intended for him. Luckily it's still going to fit as I started it sometime last summer! I've had to add a bit of length to both the body and the sleeves but there's plenty of width in it. I must have been pretty generous with the sizing when I cast it on.

On the sock front, I've taken a look at my Bayerische socks as I'd really like to get them finished. I did a bit more of it last night and have almost completed a whole pattern repeat. The trouble is, I don't like the toe on it. The more I looked at it yesterday, the more uncomfortable it looked so in the end I tried it on. Sure enough, it's not up to scratch.

It's a real shame as the cable pattern is just beginning to develop nicely. They're going to have to be frogged and restarted as there's no point in spending the time doing them only to not be able to wear them. I've either got the change the pattern and use a toe up cast on I'm more familiar with or knit them as Eunny originally intended, from the top down.

Friday, 4 April 2008

FO - Socks of Kindness

I have new socks! Fabulously bright and funky socks.The pattern: Socks of Kindness by Chawne
Yarn: Opal Neon (blue/pink/red) 4ply
Needles: 2.5mm BB DPNs

The verdict - I love them! The pattern has a very easy to remember repeat and copes well with the very bright yarn. It'd be a great introduction to lace socks for a beginner. The writer describes the pattern as a recipe and although she suggests you use a short row heel, I decided to knit a heel flap instead and it works fine.