Wednesday, 5 March 2008

All seasons in one day

Wow it's cold. The heating's on and I'm still cold. These last few days we've seen just about everything that mother nature can throw at us, actually that's somewhat of an exageration but we've had howling gales, rain sleet, ice. We've even had a couple of power cuts thrown in for good measure and did I mention that it's cold?

I've lost my favourite hat and although I've started a replacement (inspired by Fiona's modified ganomy), it's now languishing on top of my workbag as I can't knit! My dreaded tennis elbow has flared up and I'm trying not to knit to rest it which I have to say is torture. It is of course my own fault, it always is. I should know by now when enough is enough and stop earlier but it's so hard to resist when you're nearing the end of something. That lure to do "just another couple of rows" is so hard.

So here I am frustrated and fidgety, trying to stay warm. Hmm, I think I might just go and fight the cat for that spot next to the radiator again.


Kai said...

*hugs* Hope it's better soon and you can get back to your knitting!

We've had the same here as well. Galey, hailstones, snow and then beautiful sunshine in which we can take the dog for a walk.

Cinders said...

Hope your elbow heals very soon. We've also had barmy weather here too.