Monday, 10 March 2008

Third times a charm?

Forest Canopy
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Well it should have been anyhow, I absolutely love knitting this pattern (Forest Canopy shawl) but this one should have been finished and blocked last weekend. I've been plodding along with it all week not being able to do more than a couple of rows at a time but it's finished at last.

Of course, there had to be a last minute drama. All of my current projects seem to have had them recently, anyhow this time I ran out of yarn. With only about twenty stitches left to cast off as well! It would have been such a cruel twist of fate if I'd had to frog back a few rows but luckily I had cast on with the only skein of yarn from my haul that I'd actually dyed two the same.

Crisis averted and I now just have to block it before it can be posted off to it's new owner. I just hope she likes it. One of these days, I am actually going to keep one of these shawls for myself!

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Kai said...

I love the colours in that.. it looks gorgeous. :)