Friday, 14 March 2008

FO - Ganomy hat

After much faffing around and copious frogging, my modified ganomy hat is finished at last. It's warm, it fits but I'm not entirely sure it's all that flattering. I think it could do with being a bit shorter in length but the top shaping is pretty much there. There's a little picture of me wearing it at the bottom. Actually it doesn't look as bad in the picture as it does in the flesh. Maybe I'm just being too critical?

I very nearly cast on again for another to make yet more modifications but instead I returned to my UFO pile and picked up a pair of socks I'd been working on.

I'd been putting off grafting the toe but as I couldn't cast on the next until I'd done it, I just bit the bullet and got on with it. I don't know why I didn't do it before, the first sock knitted up super quick and I don't usually suffer from second sock syndrome these days. I must have been sidetracked by something else. Can't remember what though now :s The pattern is called Socks of Kindness and has this lovely textured lace. I've finally found a pattern that stands up to the Opal Neon!

Anyhow in other knitting news, I'm officially a designer, or so it says on Ravelry anyhow. I don't know whether anyone will actually want to make my rocket but hey, it's just a bit of fun. Now I have to get down to the serious job of converting my scratchings for some of my bags into proper patterns.

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