Friday, 28 March 2008

It's raining.

Wow this month has gone quickly, Easter has come and gone (along with the nice weather it would seem) and now we're heading into the school holidays again. One more day of freedom for me and then the Mighty Midget will be home for two whole weeks, I can foresee one or two problems if the weather doesn't pick up again. Anyhow, I hope you all had a good Easter, here's a couple of pictures from mine.
View from the back window on Easter Sunday, four hours later it was all gone!
Pond dipping at Fingringhoe Wick on Easter Monday - the MM and grandad checking out what they'd caught. It was a bit early in the year to catch much (and very cold) but we managed a few cadis fly nymphs, from freshwater shrimps and a great diving beetle. I have a feeling I might be going to be asked for a net to use in our pond, not that he usually bothers. The other weekend he was down the garden fishing frogs out with his bare hands. They do say that life's never dull when you have children around.

So just why am I complaining about the weather? That could be because it's raining yet again but probably it's more down to the fact that I've not only lost my favourite beanie I've now lost one of my gloves as well. Not the whole pair, just one. I'm guessing it has wandered off to join all the odd socks that don't return from the washing basket.

It wouldn't be such a problem but it looks like we're in for a cold, wet spring. Yum. So what am I knitting this week? You guessed it, mittens. This time, I'm not interested in anything delicate, I want something warm and I want it yesterday. Break out the aran stash! So here's mitten number one, warm and toasty and knit in an evening. I'm hoping I'll get the second finished tonight as I have a feeling I'm going to be needing them.
So in knitting news, what else is on the needles? Actually I should probably rephrase that as I have a rather large pile of UFO's. It should be what am I actively working on? The second sock of kindness is past the heel and I'm now on the home straight and heading for the toe. I finally found the pattern I'd lost for my Komi Mittens (from Charlene Schurch's book Mostly Mittens) and I've finished the first mitten oh and more excitingly, I've got a new bag pattern on the go. It's all knitted and awaiting felting. I'll leave you with a sneaky peak.

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Eunice said...

Congratulations Lucy on a great page - it's wonderful to keep up with all your projects while getting snapshots of MM...keep it up!. Eunice