Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I was very naughty

I visited my LYS. Fatal I know but I'd been eyeing up another knitalong on the AY forums. Am I addicted to knitalongs? There are just too many nice patterns out there to knit, I can't help it if people draw attention to them! Anyhow, I digress. I was driving in that direction and somehow, I ended up parked outside and what can I say, the yarn just fell into my bag. Yes, I can hear you sniggering at your computers but you can't tell me you haven't done the same yourself at some point.So anyhow I came away with 3 balls of Twilleys Freedom Spirit in fire colourway and the rest are on lay by so I can collect them over the next month or so. This is my first experience with this lay by business but I can foresee it being a dangerous thing. At least if you buy everything in one go, you get the idea of how expensive something is actually going to be. Still, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, lay by it is.
It's so lovely that I had to call in at home on the way to the nursery to collect my needles. I cast on the tension square while I was waiting for DS to finish.

Not one to turn down a bargain either, I picked up some sock yarn to add to my collection. As she only stocks the basics when it comes to sock yarn, I picked up the cream to dye up into something more interesting. It's a shame she didn't have more than 2 balls as she was selling it off at 80p a ball. Yes I really did say 80p. Bargain or what!

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