Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Natural Dye Studio

See my lovely haul of goodies? Well, tell a lie, they're not all mine but it's all so nice I thought I'd share. The both the pink multi and the blue/cream are BFL sock yarn and are actually mum's. I finally converted her! She's going to knit her first pair of socks in years, well two pairs actually, one for her and one for dad. Walking socks of course, she still can't see the point in knitting socks for any other reason. Still, it's a start. The last three skeins are all mine and are cobweb mohair, destined to be some sort of stole.So anyway, how did I come by these lovely skeins? Well, I joined the Ipswich SnB group for a visit to the Natural Dye Studio. We met Amanda the owner and she treated us to a tour of her workshop, complete with dyeing demonstration. It was fantastic! I'll just warn you now, there's a lot of pictures coming up. I actually left my camera at home (doh!) so, thanks to Lois and the Ipswich girls for letting me take a copy of your pictures.

The Dye Studio

Dyeing with Weld

Various yarns dyed with Weld and awaiting overdyeing

Overdyeing with Indigo - trying to make green

Awaiting washing

The drying rack

Winding skeins

Inside the studio shop

and finally, a closer look at some of the fabulous yarns available.

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