Friday, 29 June 2007

It's a mystery

My curiousity finally got the better of me and after a few days of watching the Mystery Stole thread, I finally decided to take a look at it. Before I knew it I'd managed to sign up for the project! Oops.

For the uninitiated, this is the third mystery stole KAL run by Pink Lemon Twist. A clue (chart) will be posted every Friday for the next few weeks and by the end, we should all have a lovely new stole to wear. Well, that's the idea anyhow.

I have rummaged around in my stash and hey presto, two swatches. The yarn is Jojoland Harmony and varies in colour from pale blue to a light sandy beige - but not as much as the photos indicate. The first is on 3.75mm, is very "holey"and was an absolute pig to knit. It kept snagging on the join in my Denises and I honestly considered forgetting the whole idea.
I had to wander into town this morning anyhow so I found a 3.25mm needle and this is the result: It was so much easier to knit and I'm much happier with the swatch so, 3.25 is the winning number. I picked up some beads at the same time but I'm not entirely happy with them. Franklins had a huge selection of seed beads but not very many of the slightly larger ones. I've ended up with clear glass with a silver lining. I'll give it a whirl with them but I may end up leaving them off.

The first clue was posted today so I'm armed and dangerous. Watch this space :)

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YarnSnob said...

i like the bottom swatch much better, showns up the lace and colour much more. First pic does look Holey lol. I've d/l the Hamani pattern and going to attempt that....eekkk!!