Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Cool kitty

Cool kitty
Originally uploaded by Bearium
This is one cool dude isn't he? Sat there lolling nonchalantly on my sofa. Not unlike my real kitties actually, they loll a lot too.
I finally decided Nadia was right, it is probably a he after all, notwithstanding the pink shade of course. I can't call him Miss Pink Cat anymore, even if I gave him a bow, I think he'd still be a boy. There's something definitely masculine about him.
He's pink and he has attitude. I'm just going to have to think of something better to call him.


Viknits said...

Thanks Lucy :)

Your cat is defo one cool cat, he's really cute! He looks aewsome! (As does your stash!)

YarnSnob said...

aw..hes a cute little katty :) Such a cool pose :)