Wednesday, 20 February 2008

FO - Nordic Sweetheart Hat

Can I just say now, I love this hat! I'm also bit gutted that I have to give it away but a promise is a promise and I made it for my sister. The pattern kind of sells itself so I'm just going to post lots of pictures and you can decide for yourselves.

The finished hat
View from the top
Inside and out

The pattern is of course, Nordic Sweetheart Hat by Anne Featonby. You can get it here. Anne was kind enough to stop by the blog the other day and made a comment. Cool huh, I don't think I've ever been noticed by a designer before! The yarn fell off the stash mountain and is an unlabelled shetland 4ply on 2.75mm dpns. This is the smaller of the two sizes and is a little tight on me which makes it perfect for my sister and easier for me to part with!

and finally, me trying to pretend it fits me. Will I make it again? probably not the full length hat but I think I'll be doing myself a cut down beanie version.

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Kai said...

it's a fabbie hat!