Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Elephant feet?

Elephant feet?
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With success there often comes a failure to balance it out and I have to say this pattern (Fireside Footies) wasn't an unmitigated success. In fact, as a pair of slippers for the MM, they're pretty near useless. I've felted them as hard as I could but while they're the right length, they're far too big. They remind me of elephant feet - short and stumpy!

Now felting is not an exact science but I knew they were never going to be a perfect fit even before washing them. In hindsight, I'd have reduced the number of stitches to make them narrower but hey, it's a little too late now! Still in this household, nothing is wasted. Well, almost nothing anyhow. I'm going to soak them and reshape them and when next you see them they will have evolved!

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Cinders said...

What a shame! They are an interesting shape arnt they?! see ht else you can cut them up into.