Wednesday, 13 February 2008

FO - Clogs

Originally uploaded by Bearium
This is the first pair of clogs from the Fiber Trends childrens clog pattern and it definately won't be the last. I think they're great and more importantly, the Mighty Midget actually wears them! I was thinking about adding a non slip sole to the bottom but he seems to be doing ok without one - most of the house is carpeted anyway so it's not really an issue.

The yarn is aran weight out of my own dye pots held double as per the pattern on 9mm Denises. Roll on the next pair, I've got something in the stash that'll be just the ticket :D


Kai said...

cool clogs!! :)

Annie said...

They're fab! I love this pattern - just finished knitting new soles for the pair I made for DD2 about 2 years ago. She wears them on wooden floors, so you can tell they're pretty hardwearing.