Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Anyone for chocolate?

Do any of you out there watch that Diet Doctors programme? I was surfing for something to watch and thought well, there's nothing else on, why not? It's one of those programme's that always makes me thankful that I'm in good health but it always amazes me what people actually do to their bodies. Tonight's "victim" was seriously overweight, eats 8 (yes I really did say 8!) bars of chocolate a day. Yes really.
Now I like to have a bit of chocolate every now and again but 8 bars? I don't even eat that many in a month, it's no real wonder she was fat and unhealthy. It's not exactly rocket science.

I'm no angel when it comes to diet, I'm a firm believer that having a little bit of what you fancy doesn't hurt but you have to know your limits. My problem is that I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to exercising so while I felt very smug at having a (mostly) good diet, I did feel guilty enough to go and get my yoga mat out. I have to admit I did get it out in front of the tv (come on, I'd seen the before, I had to see the after as well) but I did some yoga for the first time in months. I ache as I've used muscles I'd forgotten I'd got but hey, now I really can feel smug and supercilious. I eat well and I'm exercising. The trick is now to keep it up.


Kai said...

Chocolate!! :) I used to go through multiple bars a day, but never 8. Now I have one once in a while. Yoga.. that reminds me, where's my mat again??!!

YarnSnob said...

i can't managed one bar nevermind 8 as i find it little too sweet. Now you've made me feel guilty cos its been over a year since i sweated out on my cross trainer

Bearium said...

I'm a bit of a chocolate snob these days, the darker the better. Even so, one bar is usually more than enough for me.