Thursday, 12 July 2007

Has it been a week already?

Whatever happened to the "I'm going to blog every day" resolution? Looks like that well and truly went out of the window.
Anyhow, enough of the self recriminations, I have stuff to share!
So lets start with my sockapalooza socks and get them out of the way first. I finished the first sock at last and am a few inches into the second sock too. For some reason, I haven't had as much knitting time this last week as I'd hoped to have them finished by now. Definately glad that I decided on a toe up sock though as I've used every scrap of yarn from the ball and they're not particularly long.
One of the main culprits for the lack of progress on everything else (my chevron jacket is also temporarily on hold) has to be my mystery stole. It was thrown into the corner in disgust on Monday and only just been dragged back out again. I sailed through the first clue with almost no hitches and luckily I had the foresight to actually put in a lifeline before starting the second clue. I never usually see the point in them as you can almost always see where your mistake is. Well, that was before I started working with laceweight -I don't think I have sworn quite so much at a piece of knitting in my life! I have reknitted the same few lines at least twice and there's still a mistake in it. Bah! So with the new clue being posted tomorrow I have finally accepted that the lifeline was put there for a reason and I'm going to frog back to it and begin the second clue afresh. Luckily it's only about 8 rows but it certainly feels like a lot more.

It was stitch and bitch week again this week and I had another great evening with the Colchester girls. We're not a huge group but we've got a regular seven or so of us every two weeks. It's still a bit of a novelty for me as I've never actually had someone outside the family who shares the same hobby before. We've decided to remind the other knitters in Colchester (there must be more of them surely?) that we're out there and so I took some posters into town with me yesterday. I had some quite positive comments from the LYS's so hopefully we'll get a bit of interest. I took a poster into the library too but the woman there wasn't so keen on me putting up a poster although she did say we should make sure we're in their online listing - subject to approval of course. We knit, where's the harm in that? Anyhow I put copies of the poster into most of the knitting and crochet books on their shelf so I'm quite glad I didn't ask first about that! I know, I'm such a rebel. lol

While I was going into the LYS's I took a look into their sale baskets. Yes, I know I'm cheap but you never know what you're going to find. Lookie here, I came away with this pile of Rowan Plaid. It's not in my normal colour range and I'd never have bought it in a million years at it's full price but it should felt nicely and at 50p a ball I couldn't resist it. I might try a variation on the booga bag or maybe make a satchel type bag. Too many choices and too many other projects first so that's definately added to the stash pile.
Oh and I saved the best for last - I won something! Emeralcutie had a competition and was giving away a skein of Yarnsnob sock yarn. I never win anything but now I am going to have some lovely Yarnsnob goodyness to squish, mine's the purple/pink one at the top. How cool is that? Thanks very much Laura and Elaine. Now I just have to decide on which pattern to use it for, socks or a shared favourite - Forest Canopy perhaps? If you want your very only bit of Yarn snobbery, you can drop by her Etsy store and take a peek. Don't say I didn't warn you first though, there's some lovely goodies on there, resistance may very well be futile!

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