Saturday, 14 July 2007

Chevron Jacket - increasing

Hi guys this is for MurrayandLiz who stopped by my blog yesterday. I wrote these instructions for the Chevron jacket to help out another knitter on the Angel Yarns Knitting Forums. We've got a little knitalong going on for this jacket and you're more than welcome to come along and join us :)

When you are about to start the increases on the back you should have the rs facing you and you should be about to commence the purl row (K1, p15 to last st, K1) It doesn't matter which size you are doing as the pattern each size has one additional chevron repeat so you would be increasing by the same number of stitches no matter which size you're doing.

ok the chevron pattern is based on 15 stitches with one stitch either end to contain it. So to increase at the edge, you want to be adding an additional stitch outside the existing pattern repeat (chevron). Usually when you M1, you knit a stitch and then pick up the next loop and knit into it but as we are increasing right on the outside edge, you don't have a stitch to do that with. So, what you want to do is what I said before:

(rs)p1, M1, p15, *K1, p15 rep from * to last stitch, M1 p1

the (p1, M1) at the start of the row makes your new stitch at the edge (the p1) and the M1 becomes the K stitch that would be the normal first stitch of the pattern. When you turn to start the next row you now have an additional stitch outside the pattern repeat and as this is the pattern row (ws row) you will knit that stitch, then commence the main pattern.
(ws) k1, (main pattern as written to last stitch= p1, M1, k6, sl2.... etc), k1

Making sense so far?
So when you get to the next row that you want to increase on (4th row), which is a rs row again (so another purl row) it becomes
(rs) p1, M1p, *K1, P15 rep from * to last 2 stitches, K1, M1p, p1

So long as you keep the main pattern going (the 15 pattern/purl stitches with a stitch at either end), you should be able to continue to add more and more stitches at the outside edge until you get the required number.

Hope I haven't complicated things further. You might find it helpful to find some scrap wool and cast on 17 stitches (one chevron pattern) to test it out.
Shout you need more help.


Murray and Liz said...

Thanks very much for that - I have that bit but what about the decreasing - when I get to the 99 stitches I should have when I go to do the pattern at the beg. of the row I can P1 then I should be doing the decrease S2k1psso but do not have enough stitches to do this - I have undone it quite a bit!!! Your pattern carries on great once the decreasing is done so it must be something obvious I am doing wrong. I do appreciate your help. Liz

Bearium said...

ah I see what you mean. Once you've cast off the stitches for the armholes, rather than doing the double decreases again, you only need to do a single decrease. So if I remember right, I k2tog at one end and ssk at the other.

hth, Lucy