Thursday, 12 July 2007

as swift as that?

I thought I'd share this afternoon's project with you. Look what I made! With the assistance (hindrance) of DS of course. It's not exactly perfect and I wouldn't look too closely to the joints etc but it should do the job. I hope. Yay, I can wind my loony boony with no fear of it ending up in knots. Well, that's the plan anyhow. Hehe and no more chair dancing when I want to prepare yarn for dyeing too.

Anyhow, instructions courtesy of Crafty Diversions. Materials, mostly from the cupboard. All I had to buy was the bolt, washers and dowel. So, a swift for less than I fiver. What more can I ask?
I still dream of having a beautiful umbrella swift but hey, a girl can't have everything.


Laura said...

You are going to love it, My FIL made me the same one and its wonderful.
Just be sure to loosen the top bolt occasionally as you will notice it start to stick when it spins. Otherwise I love mine too, It was a life saver when I started my obsession with Lornas Laces and Yarn Snobs goods.:)

YarnSnob said...

i can't do without mine, DH made me the first one and now he's making me an extra big one :)