Saturday, 28 July 2007

Good intentions?

You know they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I always have great intentions of blogging regularly. For some reason, it just never seems to work out that way. It's been a funny old week so far and as any parent will tell you I am sure, the first week of the school holidays is hard. Well, it certainly is for me anyway. Not only am I having to adjust to having the munchkin under foot the whole time, he's got to get used to being at home with mummy and not having his friends around all the time. We've nearly come to blows a couple of times but we've survived and it can only get better from here on in. One week down, five more to go.

So anyhow, back to the knitting front and all the stuff I'd intended to post already. The pictures have all been waiting, honestly. Firstly here's other parcel that got me all excited last week. My first order from P&M Woolcraft and I'm guessing it probably won't be my last. There's a copy of Interweave Felt magazine which I have to say, I am really impressed with. I've not actually seen any of the Interweave magazines before as they're just not stocked anywhere around here. If this one's anything to go by, I'd seriously consider a subscription. Tucked in there is also some Madder and Woad seeds, some Alum and also a copy of "Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive" which is full of recipes for dyeing. I'm planning on raiding the garden over the summer for dye plants so watch this space.

Sockapalooza socks in all their finally glory, well finished and ready to block. I'm not usually one who actually bothers to block socks, life's too short imo but hey, these are a gift after all so I am going to show willing. As a result of this, I don't actually possess any sock blockers but being resourceful (cheap) I have opted for the homemade approach and have concocted something suitable - you'll see that shortly. Anyhow, see that tiny skein of wool at the bottom, that's all that was left of the skein. 100g of yarn in one pair of socks. I'm a bit disappointed I have to give them away as they fit me nicely!

So a quick round up of the other projects OTN, MS3 has taken a back seat to get my sockapalooza socks finished and I really must pick it up again this week. The next clue's going to be posted on Friday and I still have 3 and 4 to finish. Gulp! Also, I had of course to read Harry Potter so that was one day's knitting out of the window. I more or less read it cover to cover last Sunday afternoon and was done with it by about 9pm. I'm now having to grow all my fingernails back again as I chewed them all off while reading it. Definately a good read and far better than number 6 which wasn't really up to scratch. Am now considering having to go back and reread the rest of them and I guess I should actually watch the films at some point too.
Back to the knitting, this week I've managed to finish the first front on my Chevron jacket. It's all warm and fuzzy and I'm loving knitting it. The only downside is I am sure I'm going to need additional balls of wool. One front and the back completely used up six balls (out of the thirteen allotted), have cast on the first sleeve tonight to see how much that'll take up but have got the shop to tuck an extra two balls away for me just to make sure. I popped into the Woolcabin today to pick up some more of the yarn and they'd got some new Freedom Spirit colours on display - absolutely lush and I want them.
I really must revisit the project amnesty cornerat some point soon and pull another project out of there too. I'm determined to clear out some more of the unfinished items and get them finished before the winter. Realistically I think I should be aiming for one a month, it's either that or I should frog them and use the yarn for other projects. Hmm, there's something for me to ponder on and on that rambling note, I shall sign off for the night.


Fiona said...

Your socks look great. I think I must be in the minority RE Interweave magazines. Everyone but me seems to love 'em. Did you say "new Freedom Spirit" colours?

Bearium said...

Yup she had four new balls on the counter, the assistant said they were newly in. There was a lovely green and a pink/purple that caught my eye as well.

As for the Interweave magazines, I've only seen the Felt one so far but recently I've not been that impressed with SK or Knitting. I just need a change of reading material :)