Monday, 16 July 2007

MS3 - Clue 2

I fought the mystery stole and won. At last! I did indeed have to frog clue 2 back to the lifeline - the error continued to elude me and I just couldn't be bothered wasting more time in trying to find it. Especially when clue 3 was published Friday. I sat down Friday evening and got stuck into it, after all the problems I'd had, it just flowed from the needles. I finished the last few rows last night and put a life line in as soon as I'd done. The life line turned out to be a total lifesaver and I will never heap scorn on anyone who can't knit lace without one again. I have learned my lesson - the hard way of course, but learned it I have.

So here we have it, loosely pinned out to show the lace developing and a close up to see the beads glisten in the light.
Any ideas on a theme yet? Not having read all of Melanie's comments on it, initially I had thought that it might be Harry Potter themed, black and white being darkness and light. I thought it looked like a snake's head a the point but apparently, she has ruled out HP. No matter how many times I look at it though, still keep seeing a shield. Maybe it'll be heraldic, apparently her themes are usually pretty cryptic so it'll probably be something entirely different! So, back to the drawing board again for another think.


Kai said...

it looks stunning and those beads are lovely! :)

It actually looks like a scarab beetle to me, but I'm not guessing. :) Happy to just knit it at the moment

Lindsey said...

Very nice! Yours is coming along beautifully. :-)

I'm enjoying reading all the guesses for the theme, but I'm in the not-guessing crowd, mainly because her other themes have been so indirect. Looking at Leda's Dream, Hanami, Scheherazade, etc. I would never be able to guess what the theme was based on the patterns. Once I hear Melanie's explanation of the themes, it all makes sense...but no way could my little brain figure it out from the pictures or stitches. :-)