Monday, 7 May 2007

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

No pictures today but I am pleased with myself all the same, I have been teaching myself to be a blog nerd! Not before time you might think but today's novelty is that I can now add buttons to my blog and linkable ones too! Ah, it's the little things that keep us all amused isn't it.

So now I find myself looking at other people's blogs in a whole new light and am making a collection of lovely little icons to be added at a later date. Now all I have to do is to make sure that the novelty doesn't overwhelm me and that this ends up looking like an accident in a button factory!

To be fair, I haven't just been browsing blogs all day (fun though that can be). I have been making the most of the fact that it's been pouring with rain most of the day and have cast on the first of my Monkeys for the AY sockathon. I also got a little stalking done on my Sockapalooza Pal. She's got some great posts about Elizabeth Zimmerman (which is one of my current fascinations) but I'll post some more on that at another time.

Actually, come to think of it, I did get more done today than I thought. Anyhow, I'm off to see if there's an update on the AY Secret Santa Summer Holiday.


Hazel said...

hello sis, found this linked in my favourites and thought "what the hell is this?!" then realised it was you in some sort of knitting frenzy!

Enjoy your buttons ;0)

Bearium said...

hehe, so did you like the socks I've been knitting then? I can't really keep them for myself now that you've discovered the link I left you ;p