Saturday, 5 May 2007


It's huge! Officially! So much so, that Blogger can't keep up and I am one of the unlucky ones who hasn't been able to contribute to the main blog so far. Grrr. I've got to get my head round the alternative suggestions to be able to post. I'm still relatively new to this whole blogging lark so it looks like there's still a lot for me to learn out there. Like making this button linkable for starters.


*waves* Hello sock pal. Yes sorry in my enthusiasm to join up, I was a little vague in my requirements. Anyhow, I love vibrant colours (Please no yellow or orange as main colours). Looking at my recent purchases am going through a bit of a red and green phase again at the moment. Machine washable is useful but I already hand wash a couple of pairs so that's no real biggie if they're not. Am I being more helpful? I'm not sure I'm being specific enough or not as this is my first sock exchange. I think maybe I don't always post on here regularly enough but I can usually be found loitering on the AY Knitting Forums.

I have checked out my stalkee (is that even a word?), and am thinking I know what yarn to use for her. She's American and wants them machine washable so I'm thinking perhaps using some Opal or Trekking. If I can find some undyed, I might even do a special for her as she's been very specific about her range of colour choices. I'm still unsure about a pattern as yet but luckily there's plenty of time to go and there's a few I've been looking at trying out recently. I'm still not entirely sure whether I should be contacting her myself or not. I noticed several people posting comments about not receiving anything from their partners yet. Perhaps I should drop by and say hello. Her blog has some very interesting stuff on it after all.

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