Friday, 25 May 2007

Have you ever combed a cow?

It's something that many people can boast of I guess. Still, we did just that. Do you like our cow?
She's at the Highland Cattle Centre, just down the road from the cottage we were staying at last week. When I finally tore DS away from the mini tractors, he thought this was superb fun. They allow you to go into the fields and comb them and then they just throw the hair away for the birds. It seems such a waste! I'm sure you must be able to use it for something but it's so coarse, it'd be no use for spinning. Rope maybe? Hmm.
Couldn't resist having a stroke of these too. The resident alpacas. They are so soft, it's no wonder their wool is so snuggly. Mum came away saying "I want one". Have no idea where she thinks she'd keep it. Still, we can dream.

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