Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Inspired to dye again

I came home last friday with the urge to start dyeing again and promptly went on a search for yarn. My friends have decided to start what they're calling a "working mum's initiative" and had their first sale on Friday. All sorts of handicrafts and things, - although no knitted items I noticed! I hadn't been able to be involved in this last one due to other commitments (and my dodgy elbow) but next time around, I'm in. Yay, an outlet for something I enjoy and the potential to make a little money from it too. Superb.

So anyhow, the postie arrived this morning with a couple of squishy parcels. Some lovely undyed 4ply ready for me to play...
and a little something I couldn't resist buying. Forest Herb (left) and Dark Candy, both luxury sock yarn from NDS.

I've been ogling the Natural Dye Studio yarn for weeks, ever since I knitted up the first lot of bought. Widdershins from Knitty in NDS Harebell luxury sock yarn. Not the best picture perhaps (I haven't worked out the fine art of taking pictures of your own feet yet) but they did knit up very nicely.

I'm itching to get started but I think I need to get the sewing machine cleaned up and the lining stitched up for my Noni bag. I don't know why I keep putting it off.

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polk said...

HI - I'm your sock pal!

I'm hoping that you won't be able to figure out who I am as I had to sign in to post.

Your preferences weren't too specific about color and design - any color preferences? I have some yarn in purple that would look nice or I could go with a more relaxed color. I'm open to possibilities.

You can post your response on your blog or email me at sockapalooza at mac dot com.